15 of the Best Web3 & Metaverse Marketing Explainer Videos

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Web3 and the Metaverse, explainer videos serve as
a crucial bridge, connecting innovative companies with their audience—brands and
marketers seeking cutting-edge marketing solutions.

These videos distill complex technologies and abstract concepts into digestible content,
making the unfamiliar accessible and engaging. They are a storytelling tool that can
effectively convey a company’s value proposition, demonstrate the practical applications
of their services, and highlight how they can empower brands to navigate and capitalize
on these new digital frontiers.

For companies offering Web3 and Metaverse marketing services, explainer videos are
not just a medium for communication but a demonstration of their prowess in digital
creativity and understanding of the medium. A well-crafted explainer video showcases a
company’s expertise in leveraging immersive narratives and visual storytelling, which
are integral to branding in these spaces.

Thus, they not only inform but also exemplify the potential of what can be achieved
within Web3 and the Metaverse environments, playing a pivotal role in shaping the
perceptions and decisions of brands looking to pioneer in this new era of digital

Listed alphabetically, by topic

Cosmos: The Vision I Animated Explainer Video

Education in the Metaverse

Game Review Demo

Hedera: Fueled by HBAR I Animated Explainer Video

Parents Create Mini Celebrations in Colabland

Smart Contracts – Explained with Examples

Social in the Metaverse

Roblox Review and Feedback

Roblox In-Game Product Surveys

What’s Helium? Glad You Asked. I Live Action Explainer Video

What Can I Do With My LAND? – Intro // The Sandbox I Animated + Metaverse
Graphics Explainer video

What Is Chainlink? I Animated explainer video for a tech audience

What is Enjin? I Animated Explainer Video B2B

What is the metaverse?

What Will eCommerce Look Like In The Metaverse?


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