Web3 & Metaverse Industry Associations & Chambers

The Blockchain Association
The leading nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting a pro-innovation policy environment for the digital asset economy. The Blockchain Association works with its members to educate policymakers about blockchain technology and its ability to pave the way for a more secure, competitive, and consumer-friendly digital marketplace. Its mission is to advance the future of crypto in the United States, promoting the potential of blockchain technology and shaping policy that ensures its success.

Blockchain Chamber of Commerce
The Blockchain Chamber of Commerce exists to inspire desire to create and design the
future. People are the owners and designers of the future. Blockchain Technology
awareness, adoption, and advocacy enable the chamber to create better outcomes for
society and businesses.

Chamber of Digital Commerce
The Chamber of Digital Commerce is the Washington, DC-based trade association representing
the blockchain industry. Its mission is to promote the acceptance and use of digital assets and
blockchain-based technologies. Through education, advocacy, and working closely with
policymakers, regulatory agencies and industry, their goal is to develop a pro-growth legal
environment that fosters innovation, jobs and investment.

A community of innovators, story tellers, brand builders & creative minds that explore the
bleeding edge of web3 technology and culture. Formed by Parachute and friends of Sky Club.

Metaverse Standards Forum
The Metaverse Standards Forum provides a venue for cooperation between standards
organizations and companies to foster the development of interoperability standards for an open
and inclusive metaverse, and accelerate their development and deployment through pragmatic,
action-based projects.

Web3 Marketing Association
Vision -To create the next generation of the internet through the power of marketing. To see a
time where all brands are able to successfully and authentically participate in the world of web3
and the metaverse.
Mission – To unlock the value of Web3 for the marketing community and consumers.
To unlock the collective power of marketing professionals to help build Web3.
We will do this through research, advocating for standards, creating learning opportunities,
connecting partners and creating a robust marketing community that is web3 ready.

Web3 Foundation
The Web3 Foundation was created to nurture and steward technologies and
applications in the fields of decentralized web software protocols, particularly those
which utilize modern cryptographic methods to safeguard decentralization, to the benefit
and for the stability of the Web3 ecosystem.


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