Are Ordinals NFTs or Not?

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Why It Matters for Creators and Marketers

By Daniel Barry

The world of digital collectibles is buzzing with a new contender: Ordinals. But are they really NFTs? And more importantly, what does this mean for creators and marketers? Let’s break down this intriguing trend.

Understanding Ordinals: A New Breed of Digital Asset

Ordinals are a unique type of digital asset inscribed directly onto individual satoshis, the smallest unit of a Bitcoin. While not technically NFTs in the traditional sense (which rely on smart contracts on platforms like Ethereum), ordinals share many key characteristics: they’re unique, ownable, scarce, and collectible.

The NFT Connection: Why the Label Matters

So, why are ordinals often marketed as NFTs? It’s simple: the NFT market is booming, and the term “NFT” is widely understood and recognized. By associating ordinals with NFTs, platforms and creators can tap into this established market, leveraging its infrastructure, audience, and marketing strategies.

What This Means for Creators

For creators, ordinals offer a new canvas for digital expression. Whether you’re an artist, musician, writer, or any other type of creative, ordinals provide a way to create unique, verifiable digital assets that can be owned and traded. This opens up new revenue streams, from direct sales to royalties, and fosters a direct connection with your audience through ownership of your work.

  • Scarcity and Value: The limited supply of satoshis makes ordinals inherently
    scarce, potentially increasing their value over time.
  • Provenance and Authenticity: Inscription on the Bitcoin blockchain ensures the
    authenticity and provenance of ordinals, providing collectors with confidence in
    their purchases.
  • Creative Freedom: Unlike traditional NFTs, ordinals don’t rely on specific
    platforms or smart contracts, giving creators more flexibility in how they create
    and distribute their work.

Implications for Marketers

For marketers, ordinals represent a new frontier for brand engagement and innovation. By embracing this trend, you can create unique digital experiences, build stronger relationships with your audience, and even generate new revenue streams.

  • Unique Campaigns: Ordinals can be used to create limited-edition collectibles,
    offer exclusive access to events, or even serve as digital loyalty rewards.
  • Community Building: The ordinal community is growing rapidly, offering brands
    a chance to connect with passionate and engaged audiences.
  • Novel Revenue Models: The sale of ordinals can generate direct revenue, while
    also opening up new possibilities for licensing and merchandise.

The Bottom Line

Whether you call them NFTs or not, ordinals are a force to be reckoned with in the digital asset space. For creators and marketers, they represent a new opportunity to connect with audiences, foster engagement, and drive innovation. By understanding this trend and embracing its potential, you can position yourself at the forefront of the next wave of digital collectibles.

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