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As a serial entrepreneur who has been involved with marketing for most of my life, it has been an exciting ride to experience the birth of the internet, mobile and social media.

I have always been excited about getting the latest and greatest tech devices, from my first car-phone that required a an equipment module the size of a large piece of luggage in my trunk to my first flat screen TV that cost me well over $30K. This list could go on and on.

I have also been drawn to the latest tech as it relates to marketing too. And this is why my current passion is Web3 marketing.

The more I research it the more I realize that Web3 is like the holy grail for marketers, so many creative opportunities.

It is also a very complicated space for marketers who are just starting to look into it.

I have been in the crypto space sine 2017, and I myself am still trying to get my arms around it. And as soon as I feel it I might be, new applications and projects come along that both excite me and at the same time cause me to rethink how Web3 will actually materialize.

I attend quite a few Web3/NFT/Metaverse/Blockchain events and when I meet someone and say I am involved in Web3 marketing, it is not uncommon for them to start asking a whole slew of questions about marketing for a project that they are working on.

It has always been my style to always offer people advice with their marketing questions, and in fact I often will give advice even when I have not been asked. Can’t help myself sometimes!

But when offering advice, it is very important to offer good and valuable advice. So I have been on a mission to try and understand as much as I can in order to do this. But as the space grows I am finding that it is getting more and more complicated. Whether it is marketing an NFT drop, helping a brand develop their long term web3 strategy, or just helping some find a service or person that can help them set up and moderate a Discord channel.

Although there a lot of companies offering various web3 marketing services, what I have come to realize and especially for new marketers or brands just getting into this space is that there is a need for a centralized (can I use this word?) resource for marketers looking for best practices, solutions, advice, as well as vetted vendors and services for web3 marketing.

I just recently set up this website, Web3Marketing.Network, with the goal being to find other like-minded people interested to get involved in the project.

If interested please contact me on Twitter @dannymbarry, or email me at  

Daniel Barry



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