Recommended Academies, Schools, and Online Courses to Learn Web3 & Metaverse Marketing

Welcome to the curated selection of Academies, Institutions, and Online Courses for delving into the realms of Web3 & Metaverse Marketing. Amidst the vast sea of online resources, we have chosen indispensable Web3 educational resources tailored for your enrichment and enjoyment.

101 Blockchains
101 Blockchains is the world’s leading online independent research-based network for Blockchain and Web3 practitioners. 101 Blockchains is a professional and trusted provider of accredited blockchain and web3 certifications, and online training. Their core mission is to help leading professionals to become global blockchain experts by providing them with practical up-to-date knowledge and upskilling.

Lunar Academy
According to Lars Maehler, Head of Partnership Ecosystem at W3MA, “Lunar Academy, takes the ambiguity out of generic advice and offers granular approaches to important facets that are crucial in enabling the success of a project and community establishment. Not only is it clear that the course instructors practice what they preach but do so with excitement and fascination that is in line with the amazing space that they operate in. This should be a ‘must do’ course for any marketer looking to help their brand transition to the web3 space for strategic insights, as well providing inspiration around ideas in the course of this transition. Couldn’t recommend it more highly” Lunar Academy’s course is designed by a team of blockchain experts to seamlessly onboard Web2 marketers, project owners, and community managers into the rapidly-evolving world of Web3.

Overpriced JPEGs
Overpriced JPEGs is a show that dives into blockchain, NFTs, web3 and the metaverse. Hosted by Carly Reilly. OPJ aims to keep you in the know on how blockchain tech will shape the face of consumer + business behavior, data ownership, content creation, and more. In this emerging world, where things move at lightning speed, Carly’s show is the best way to stay up on trends and hear from web3’s brightest minds. Listen in on YouTube, Apple, Spotify, or wherever you pod, so you can decide for yourselves if these are just Overpriced JPEGs or innovative technology that will reshape the world as we know it. Get the inside scoop on the web3 market, power players in the space, and how leading brands leverage blockchain technology. Join 140,000+ creators, operators, and investors to front-run the opportunity in the world of web3, NFTs, and the metaverse. Even though this is not content that is specifically marketing focused, you can glean a lot of marketing knowledge by listening and or watching.


Third Academy
Third Academy is a blockchain-based education system with social capabilities, professional profiles, soul bound NFT credentialing, and a wallet-based recruiter matching system. Through its integrated metaverse campus, they offer expanded web3 education opportunities, including conferences, workshops, webinars, hackathons, job fairs, and co-working. As Web3 continues to develop and professionalize, they strive to meet demand through a highly community-driven approach. Third Academy’s goal is to empower individuals, aiding them in finding support and realizing their potential within Web3 careers.

Udemy’s mission is to improve lives through learning by providing flexible, effective skill development to empower organizations and individuals. Through it’s global marketplace platform, they provide the tools learners, instructors, and enterprises need to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. They enjoy problem-solving and collaboration and share a serious belief in the power of learning and teaching to change lives. Their culture fosters inclusion and belonging and encourages innovation, creativity, passion, and teamwork. We also celebrate our milestones and support each other every day. Udemy offers a large selection of web3 & metaverse marketing courses which can be found at this link:

University of Nicosia
The MSc in Metaverse is part of the University of Nicosia’s Open Metaverse Initiative (OMI), which aims at increasing and accelerating Metaverse adoption based on open public systems and standards. OMI builds on UNIC’s ten-year track record as the leading university in the field of blockchain and digital currency. The MSc in Metaverse is an interdisciplinary programme focused on preparing creators, developers, architects, social scientists, financial professionals, policy makers, and others for careers in metaverse design and management. The master’s program is designed to help students explore the relationship between Metaverse technologies and its applications (e.g. technical, business) to attain a new insight on how to design, develop, and gain value from the implementation of new Metaverse products and services.

Web3 Academy
The Co-founders, Jay Hamilton & Kyle Reidhead are focused on guiding entrepreneurs, businesses and creators into Web3. Together they explore how to use NFTs, crypto, web3, blockchain and the metaverse to create thriving communities and build sustainable business models. They offer a free newsletter, produce a regular podcast and also produce an informative YouTube channel.

Non-Marketing Learning Options

Alchemy University
Web3 University partnered with Alchemy to release Alchemy University! It includes a 7-week Ethereum Developer Bootcamp, a JavaScript course, NFTs, and much more: all completely free. So, if you are interested in the development side of web3 and the metaverse, definitely worth checking out.

Bankless Academy
Bankless Academy is on a mission to ensure every web3 Explorer is ready for their crypto-verse voyage. Using their Academy platform, you’ll be taking a confident first step into the new frontier, before diving down your own unique learning path and preparing to blaze new trails across blockchain space. Not much content specifically for Web3 & Metaverse marketing, but for those looking to learn more about web3 and blockchain in general. Bankless also offers podcasts and a YouTube channel that are highly recommended as well.


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