The Ultimate Guide to Crypto Slang: From Mooning to Whales

Opening Paragraph: The world of cryptocurrency is a constantly evolving landscape that
is full of its own language and slang terms. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a curious beginner, understanding the unique vocabulary that is used in the crypto world is essential to navigate the market successfully.
From terms like “moonboy” to “whales”, this comprehensive guide will provide you with all the essential slang words and phrases that you need to know to talk the talk and walk the walk of a true cryptocurrency enthusiast.

  • Airdrop: Sending cryptocurrency coins/ tokens or NFTs for free to different wallet
  • Ape in: Rushing into buying a new NFT or coin without doing much due diligence
    or research.
  • ATH: All-time high, the highest price a cryptocurrency has ever reached.
  • Bagholder: Someone who is holding onto a losing investment.
  • Bagholding: The act of holding onto a losing investment.
  • Bear/Bearish: Refers to a market trend where the prices are decreasing, or
    expected to decrease in the future.
  • BTD/BTFD: Buy the dips or buy the fxxxxxx dips, meaning to purchase an asset
    after its price has dropped.
  • Bull/Bullish: Refers to a market trend where the prices are increasing, or
    expected to increase in the future.
  • Copy Cat: A knock-off project which copies another more popular project.
  • DAO: Decentralized Autonomous Organization.
  • DCA: Dollar-cost averaging, investing a fixed amount of money at regular
  • Dead Cat Bounce: A temporary recovery in the price of a cryptocurrency after a
    significant decline.
  • DeFi: Decentralized finance, unlike traditional finance, where a bank or company
    has control over your money.
  • Degen: Degenerate, usually refers to people who often make risky and bad bets.
  • Discord: A social media platform for NFTs and gaming.
  • DYOR: Do your own research.
  • Dutch Auction: A bidding technique that considers all bids for a given asset
    before arriving at a ceiling price, which gradually drops at specific time intervals.
  • ETH: Ether, the native currency of the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Fiat: Government-issued currency like the US dollar, Euro, or Yen.
  • Flipping: Buying items at low prices and selling quickly for a profit.
  • Floor Price: The lowest price listed of an NFT project.
  • Floor Sweeping: Refers to someone or a group of people who keeps buying the
    NFTs which are listed at the lowest price.
  • FOMO: Fear of missing out, describing people who rush into buying an asset
    without doing much due diligence.
  • FOMO3D: A controversial blockchain-based game that is designed to be an
    experiment in economic theory.
  • FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.
  • Gas: The fee we need to pay to the blockchain network for all sorts of
  • Gas War: A bidding war in which multiple users compete for block space on the
    blockchain by increasing the gas price for their transactions.
  • GMI: Gonna make it, to describe the future state when our investments are going
    to the moon and have amazing returns.
  • HODL: Hold on for dear life, means to hold an asset for a very long time,
    regardless of the price.
  • Honey Pot: A scam tactic in which a group of scammers set up a fraudulent
    project to attract investors.
  • ICO: Initial Coin Offering, a fundraising method used by startups to raise capital
    by selling new cryptocurrency tokens to early investors.
  • IRL: In real life, refers to the physical world we are living in.
  • KYC: Know your customer, the process of verifying the identity of customers to
    prevent fraud and money laundering.
  • Lambo: A luxury sports car often used as a symbol of financial success in the
    crypto world.
  • LFG: Let’s f**** go, used when someone is excited about something.
  • LL: Larva Labs, which is a mobile software company based in New York City.
  • Market Cap: The total value of all the coins in circulation of a particular
  • Meatspace: Refers
  • Moonboy: Someone who is not rational and has blind faith in a coin/NFT project.
  • Mooning: If something is “mooning,” that means the price of a coin/NFT is
    experiencing a spike.
  • NFA: Not financial advice.
  • NGMI: Not gonna make it, refers to people making bad trading decisions.
  • Noob: A slang term for newbie/ newcomer or someone who is inexperienced in
    an activity or profession.
  • OG: Original gangster, slang for “original”.
  • OpenSea: The leading and by far the most popular decentralized marketplace for
    trading NFTs.
  • OS: Refers to OpenSea.
  • P2E: Play-to-earn games, blockchain-based games that use tokens to reward
  • Paper Hands: Refers to someone who is nervous and panic sells or flips their
    position too soon instead of holding them long term.
  • PFP: Profile picture, lots of people in the NFT space like to show off their NFTs
    by using them as PFP on different social media platforms.
  • Pump and Dump: A manipulative scheme in which a group of individuals inflate
    the price of a particular asset and then sell it off to unsuspecting investors.
  • Rarity: Relatively important in NFT collections.
  • Raids: Refers to doing a flash campaign on Twitter or other social media
  • Rekt: A slang term for “wrecked”, often used in the online gaming community,
    referring to someone who has been totally ruined or destroyed.
  • Reveal: Refers to the official revealing day of an NFT collection.
  • Right-Click, Save As: Used as an argument for someone who does not
    understand about NFTs and does not believe it’s value.
  • Rug/Rug Pull: Refers to when a team behind a crypto/NFT project abandons the
    project and runs away with investors’ funds.
  • Secondary Market: Refers to the market where an NFT can be sold or purchased
    after it has been minted.
  • SOL: The cryptocurrency that runs on the Solana blockchain.
  • Soy Boy: Slang used to describe males who completely lack all necessary
    masculine qualities.
  • Stonks: A humorous misspelling of “stocks” that originated on an internet
    message board.
  • TA: Technical analysis, a method of evaluating securities by analyzing statistics
    generated by market activity.
  • To the Moon: Refers to the expectation that a cryptocurrency’s valuation will
    increase significantly.
  • Whales: Someone with a multi-million dollars portfolio or someone who owns a
    huge amount of NFTs in an NFT collection.


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