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Telegram’s Explosive Gaming Trend Spurs Cryptocurrency Adoption With Viral Hits Like Notcoin

Telegrams vast user base is becoming fertile ground for cryptocurrency adoption, with viral games like Notcoin surging in popularity. In

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Why Ubisoft and Other Studios are Doubling Down On Web3 and AI Gaming

Sandy Carter Contributor I’m COO at Unstoppable Domains, a Web3 digital identity platform CoinGecko recently shared that 29 of the

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Walmart expands metaverse and influencer efforts with Walmart Realms

A new immersive shopping experience from Walmart increases its presence in "virtual worlds" and among influencers. The discounter has launched

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Metaverse studio Karta expands team with new 5 hires

Metaverse studio, Karta, has announced five new hires from brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Epic Games and Emperia. In a bid

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Gucci Launches Customization Vault Project for NFT Initiative

Gucci is bringing customization to a new level, designing a digital identity in an alternative virtual world, generated through the

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Matthew Warneford on Pioneering Virtual Fashion with Dubit

On this episode of FYI, Associate Portfolio Manager Nick Grous and Analyst Andrew Kim sit down with Matthew Warneford, the

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Harmonies Beyond Boundaries, Music, Technology and Human Connection

Propelled by augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI), I believe the music industry is on the

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Korean university launches metaverse with private student access

The school’s metaverse was built by LG Uplus to cater to tech-savvy college students. South Korean telecom provider LG Uplus,

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Mercedes-Benz NXT and Mojito Launch The Era of Technology

Mercedes-Benz NXT announces its partnership with Mojito to release its latest NFT collection, ‘The Era of Technology.’ The collection, part

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Netflix and Roblox Teaming Up for New Digital Theme Park

Roblox and Netflix have announced that the two companies are collaborating on a new digital amusement park experience called Netflix

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