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Chirpley a leading influencer marketing platform announces partnership with N3MUS

Chirpley a leading influencer marketing platform announces partnership with N3MUS

Chirpley Partnership with N3MUS to Revolutionize Web3 Gaming Promotion. This collaboration marks a significant step towards reshaping the landscape of gaming promotion and leveraging the potential of blockchain technology.

The synergy between Chirpley and N3MUS reflects a commitment to innovation, transformation, and excellence. This partnership underscores both companies’ dedication to pushing boundaries and driving forward the evolution of influencer marketing within the dynamic realm of Web3 gaming.

A key facet of this strategic partnership involves the integration of Chirpley’s API into N3MUS’s platform, thereby granting seamless access for their customers to leverage our influencer marketing services. This integration sets the stage for game studios to effortlessly promote their creations, fostering enhanced visibility, user engagement, and revenue generation.

N3MUS boasts an impressive portfolio of 12000 registered users and 180 game studios, expressing a keen interest in harnessing the power of the Chirpley integration. This collective enthusiasm amplifies Chirpley’s reach and impact within the gaming community. Furthermore, this collaboration has a direct positive effect on the burn rate of the $CHRP token, driven by the automatic buyback and burn mechanism inherent to each marketing campaign completed on the platform.

"Partnering with N3MUS is an exciting milestone for Chirpley. By combining our expertise in influencer marketing with N3MUS’s innovative Web3 platform, we are set to reshape the gaming promotion landscape," remarked Job ter Horst, CEO at Chirpley. "This collaboration not only opens new avenues for game studios to propel their creations into the spotlight but also contributes to the sustainable growth of the $CHRP ecosystem."

At N3MUS, we’re thrilled to join forces with Chirpley on this groundbreaking partnership," Neal Peters, CEO of N3MUS, enthusiastically stated. "By merging Chirpley’s influencer marketing prowess with our user-centric Web3 platform, we’re poised to unlock a new era of empowered game promotion. This collaboration not only empowers game studios to tap into a passionate and engaged gaming community, but it also fosters the widespread adoption of Web3 technology within the gaming industry. We believe this partnership will revolutionize the way games are promoted and experienced, creating a win-win scenario for developers, gamers, and the future of Web3 gaming.

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