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Four Strategies For Elevating Customer Engagement And Loyalty In Phygital Commerce

Four Strategies For Elevating Customer Engagement And Loyalty In Phygital Commerce

Phygital commerce is the fusion of the physical and digital shopping realms. It’s the best of both worlds—the endless aisles of online shopping combined with the hands-on, sensory thrill of a store visit. With 71% of customers expecting consistent experiences across all channels, this can improve sales and loyalty considerably.

To leverage this, I’m going to dive deep into some clever tactics—complete with real-deal stories—aimed at winning customer hearts (and wallets) in the phygital realm.

Strategy 1: Personalized Omnichannel Experiences

Phygital commerce helps businesses up their game in customer engagement by ensuring a smooth, captivating shopping journey across all platforms. Let’s check the steps to achieve this:

Predictive Recommendations: Use AI to analyze customer behaviors and preferences. This helps in offering product suggestions tailored to individual tastes across digital and physical realms.

Virtual Try-On And Augmented Reality: Implement AR and VR tech for virtual product trials. This enhances online experiences while drawing customers into physical stores.

Customized Loyalty Programs: Create loyalty programs with rewards personalized based on customer data. This strategy boosts the feeling of value and belonging among customers.

Seamless Omnichannel Payments: Add more payment options such as mobile wallets and QR codes in stores. The goal? A hassle-free checkout experience.

Warby Parker’s Virtual Try-On Tool enables customers to digitally try on glass frames. This not only elevates online shopping engagement but also gets customers excited about popping into physical stores.

Strategy 2: Interactive And Immersive Experiences

Now, this is where phygital commerce really shines by blending interactivity and immersive experiences. Here’s how businesses can ace this game plan:


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