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H&R Block and GALE Bring Block City to the Minecraft Metaverse

H&R Block and GALE Bring Block City to the Minecraft Metaverse

H&R Block announced the launch of a new tax-themed gaming experience in Minecraft that kicked off on Saturday, Feb. 3rd with a live-streamed Minecraft Competitive League (MCL) competition.

H&R Block’s new Minecraft experience integrates custom versions of the original game, featuring a playable H&R Block branded character, Sir Block. Additionally, this unique MCL will include fully customised maps, models and characters, not to mention a series of avatars and skins available for download by any Minecraft player, even those not competing in MCL.

“Gaming and taxes are an unlikely pairing, which is exactly why we wanted to do this,” said Jill Cress, chief marketing and experience officer, H&R Block. “Many of the gaming population are or will soon file taxes for the first time. Block City and Sir Block are fun and relevant ways to remind them that we are here to help them tackle this challenge and get the best possible outcome at tax time.”

The company unveiled this exclusive experience with a live-streamed MCL tournament featuring professional Minecraft players, like CaptainSparklez and hannahxxrose. Eight teams of five top gamers from across the country will battle across multiple levels and compete to win a prize pool of $100,000.

This H&R Block themed reboot of the iconic Minecraft Competitive League (MCL) can be viewed live by following any of the eight team captains – ItzMasayoshi, jojothamofo, Punz, SmallAnt, BadBoyHalo, BTMC and Fit – or any of their team members on their YouTube, Twitch or Kick accounts.


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