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Mango opens virtual store in metaverse mall on Roblox

Mango opens virtual store in metaverse mall on Roblox

Fashion brand Mango, is enhancing its digital innovation strategy by venturing into the metaverse with a new initiative. The company is set to launch a virtual store within the “Outfit Shopping Mall,” a realistic shopping center situated on a Mediterranean island within the Roblox platform. The virtual store will reflect a Mediterranean aesthetic, aligning with Mango’s “New Med” design concept, which is being introduced to its physical stores to convey the brand’s new spirit.

Visitors to the virtual store will have the opportunity to explore Mango Teen digital apparel and accessories for their avatars, which can be purchased through the Roblox marketplace. Additionally, Mango plans to unveil exclusive virtual designs for the metaverse during special events hosted on the platform.

This strategic move positions Mango alongside other fashion brands such as Gucci, Lacoste, and Adidas that have entered the metaverse with the goal of engaging younger audiences and diversifying revenue streams. The fashion industry has been swift in embracing Web3 technologies, achieving success in terms of customer engagement and popularity.

According to a recent report from Roblox, 56 per cent of users prioritize styling their avatars over their physical appearance, while 84 per cent recognize the significance of digital fashion. Furthermore, 84 per cent express a likelihood of considering a brand in the physical world after encountering it virtually. These statistics contribute to projections indicating that the metaverse fashion market could reach US $ 6.61 billion by 2026.

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