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Netflix and Roblox Teaming Up for New Digital Theme Park

Netflix and Roblox Teaming Up for New Digital Theme Park

Roblox and Netflix have announced that the two companies are collaborating on a new digital amusement park experience called Netflix Nextworld. Roblox and Netflix have teamed up multiple times in the past, with the streaming platform having created its own group and world to promote various shows. Some of the shows Netflix has promoted include the likes of Sonic Prime, Stranger Things, and more through special events.

These special events usually gave fans an experience in Roblox that replicated the world of the show that was being promoted. For example, the Stranger Things: Starcourt MallRoblox event gave fans the chance to explore Stranger Things’ iconic Starcourt Mall, along with giving players quests that could be completed to obtain Star Coins, allowing items to be purchased through the in-game shop. While the event was shut down sometime last year, it appears Netflix is replicating that feeling by giving fans access to a bunch of worlds inspired by the streaming platform’s lineup of available TV shows via Netflix Nextworld.

Netflix Nextworld is a digital theme park in Roblox that allows fans to explore the worlds of their favorite shows. Some of the shows currently represented in Netflix Nextworld include Stranger Things, Cobra Kai, the live-action One Piece series, and Rebel Moon, among others. All of these 3D interactive spaces are available for fans to explore now through an Early Access launch.

Netflix Nextworld has three worlds available in this launch period, which can all be accessed through a hub world. These experiences are Stranger Things: Escape from Hawkins High, One Piece: East Blue Brawls, and Rebel Moon: Outskirts Battle. These worlds are guarded by various characters from the shows, with players being able to meet Dustin, Monkey D. Luffy, and Jimmy in this game.


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