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Top 5 Best AR and VR Development Companies

Top 5 Best AR and VR Development Companies

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies drive company innovation and expansion. From creating immersive experiences to engaging product demonstrations, both offer a range of exciting possibilities for businesses looking to boost their marketing efforts.

Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality

VR technology creates an entirely virtual world you can explore. It replaces the real-life environment with a simulated one through a headset.

Meanwhile, AR technology overlays digital information or images onto the world you see through a clear visor or a smartphone. It adds digital elements to a live view as they coexist with the real environment.

Implementing these technologies, however, requires technical skills, relevant expertise, and experience. This article outlines five of the best AR and VR development companies that design, implement, and maintain cutting-edge VR and AR technologies to create personal and immersive experiences. Read further below to learn about them.

#1 Takeaway Reality

(Photo : Takeaway Reality)


Takeaway Reality designs and delivers impactful experiences by combining observed trends and concepts such as socialization and gamification, including AR and VR technologies. It offers key strategic consulting and client support, ensuring all business needs through best practices. The agency can fully support from the earliest exploration stage up to the development and running of the experience.

Takeaway Reality is an AR, VR, and spatial computing agency. It has been recognized as a leader in the metaverse space and has experience in various industries, including healthcare and automotive. It has worked with Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft and Ford and built strong partnerships with them.

This AR and VR development company is also highly praised for its project management, evidenced by positive feedback left by its clients. Takeaway Reality has proven its ability to deliver complex projects in an accessible way with a full white-glove experience, as stated by Marie-Laure De Veyt, a marketing manager at Microsoft. It deeply understands VR and AR technologies and knows how they are applied in various projects.


Expert-led Consulting and Development

The consulting and development areas of the agency work closely with each other, unlike other agencies that are focused on only one area, resulting in miscommunication of business goals and lowering the quality of the final solution. Combining both allows

Takeaway Reality provides full support from the early conception of the idea to the delivery, ensuring the clients always get cutting-edge solutions and high-quality projects, like the Matching Game it created for Microsoft.

Takeaway Reality leveraged its extensive knowledge of the metaverse, broke down its concepts, and combined them with today’s mobile-first approach toward technology. The agency also included an educational element in the gamification marketing project to promote another product of the client.

As a metaverse agency, Takeaway Reality looks for ways to immerse users. It used gamification to get users to spend more time on the experience, thus exposing them to various tips, logos, and marketing messages related to Microsoft, which were discreetly placed all over the interface. The client’s expectations were exceeded as the project showed exceptional results per user, signified by the versatility and reusability of the app because of its mobile-first nature and ease of use.

Industry Expertise

Takeaway Reality has worked with a variety of industries, such as medical, sports, automotive, entertainment, marketing, tourism, etc. The agency is intensely focused on spatial computing and its concepts, from AR and VR to metaverse or gamification. It combines trends and ideas with user research to design and deliver impact experiences to its many clients and partners, like creating a web AR experience of the new Ford Bronco for the fans of the Edmonton Oilers, an ice hockey team.

Takeaway Reality brought the Ford Bronco to life through AR activation to showcase its grandeur and unique selling points in the brand colors of Edmonton Oilers. By implementing metaverse principles, the agency created a unique expertise for everyone to see and interact with the car but also showcase their love for their favorite team.

Takeaway Reality offers free consulting sessions to pitch ideas that fit any business. It also provides two free strategic workshops so clients can better understand how AR, VR, and spatial computation solutions can drive business objectives.

From developing an AR app to showcase products or designing an immersive brand experience, Takeaway Reality has the expertise and experience to implement these technologies to boost marketing efforts like increasing customer engagement, building brand loyalty, and driving sales.

#2 Accenture

(Photo : Screenshot from Accenture website)


Accenture possesses nearly 15 years of metaverse-related experience gained and implemented through Extended Reality (XR) solutions. It helps clients imagine, create, and deliver innovative XR experiences at an enterprise scale. It has also built a virtual campus called the Nth floor, using the advancements in 3D, AR, and VR, where people can meet, collaborate, and learn collectively.

It is a renowned global professional services company that helps organizations worldwide build their digital core, optimize operations, accelerate revenue growth, and enhance citizen services. It has served clients in more than 120 countries, creating tangible value at speed and scale to achieve their sustainability goals.

Accenture has 350+ XR practitioners with a wide range of specialized skills and 80+ patented XR innovations. It can provide solutions from end-to-end and unlock new business value through industry-specific XR strategy and managed services.


Virtual Experience Practice

Virtual Experience Practice empowers organizations to design fully immersive experiences to engage customers, partners, and developers. Accenture helps clients define a strategy that resonates with the target audience and selects platforms based on the client’s objective to serve relevant content to each audience member.

From product and brand launches to immersive virtual shopping, Accenture helps clients harness the power of VR technologies to deliver rich, immersive experiences that create real competitive advantage. The company brings experiences to life by creating compelling content with award-winning designs that engage the target audience and evoke emotion from them. It uses its TV-broadcast expertise and cloud-powered production model with global studios and virtual control centers to stream content at scale.

Human-Centered Design Principles

Accenture seeks out opportunities that allow them to have a positive impact on society. It has created an AR surgical system that will enable patients to see how surgical procedures would be optimized to produce the best possible outcome. It has also developed a VR prototype to train employees for overhead power line inspections.

The AR and VR development company is committed to creating a positive change. While its XR solutions can unlock new business value, these solutions are geared toward human problems. By adopting a human-centric approach, Accenture remains agile in an unpredictable modern world.

From building a metaverse environment and delivering a range of end-to-end XR solutions, Accenture is committed to a future of responsible and human-centric digital experiences. It has the strength in technology with unmatched industry experience and functional expertise to help clients change and snowball.

#3 ZeroLight

(Photo : Screenshot from ZeroLight website)


ZeroLight empowers OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to sell smarter and engage customers with interactive product experiences through its platform. It pioneers real-time 3D solutions for digital retail and advertising.

The company leverages Cloud XR, a technology developed by Nvidia that allows users to stream VR and AR content from the cloud. They can view high-fidelity visuals even without using a high-end gaming PC as the visuals are streamed via WiFi or 5G directly to the VR/AR device.

With an XR experience, its platform provides a more immersive 3D experience, helping create a strong emotional connection for marketing and selling premium products. Brands have the means to create innovative product demonstrations and simulations with instant reconfigurability, x-ray modes, environment changes, etc., enriching the customer experience beyond the limitations of reality.


Omnichannel Vehicle Configurator Platform

Brands from the automotive industry have benefitted from using the omnichannel vehicle configurator platform (Palette SDK) of ZeroLight. It empowers them to build a visually impressive, interactive, and personalized configurator, resulting in increased engagement and comprehension of the vehicle.

Besides guided configuration sessions, the ZeroLight platform works for retail and events. Brands can better engage customers through digitized spaces made for large format displays, touch screens, and immersive VR headsets and tablets. It is a centralized solution for every touch point in the customer journey online, in physical retail locations, and with partners.


Brands can also better understand customers’ activity and produce preferences with analytics derived from the digital customer journey. Palette SDK places the customers at the center of a data-enabled omnichannel buying journey and produces valuable insights for brands to personalize and optimize the buying journey.

ZeroLight equips sales and marketing teams with a platform engineered for creating innovative retail experiences at scale, making 3D visualization technology accessible to businesses of all sizes. Brands can build interactive configurators delivered in 2D, 3D, AR, VR, and even the Metaverse, enhancing personalization and customer engagement at every touchpoint of the buying process.

#4 CXR.Agency

(Photo : Screenshot from CXR.Agency website)


CXR.Agency empowers businesses to achieve goals and objectives through innovative VR/AR, web, and mobile solutions. It is an award-winning multidisciplinary creative agency that offers custom AR and VR development services. It brings unparalleled expertise to Fortune 500 companies seeking a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

The agency has delivered outstanding results for high-profile brands, like HBO, and smaller businesses and startups like +Subscribe and onXRP. From user experience interactions to robust cloud deployments, CXR.Agency integrates best-in-class design and technology into the products it builds, with careful consideration of constraints, target users, and use cases.


Custom Content Expertise

CXR.Agency utilizes the latest in spatial computing and immersive technologies to design spatial-first curriculums tailored to the unique needs of enterprises. By adopting a spatial-first strategy, the agency creates an immersive environment that replicates real-world scenarios, where users can interact with their surroundings meaningfully.

CXR.Agency creates custom content that addresses the specific challenges and objectives of organizations. By deeply understanding the training goals, target audience, and operational context, the agency ensures the content aligns with their goals.


CXR also applies a gamification approach to make the experience more enjoyable since it allows users to become more engaged and immersed in the simulated environment. The agency also incorporates other elements, like sound design, visual effects, micro animations, scoreboards, and creative writing to elevate the user experience.

CXR.Agency excels in leveraging advancements in immersive technologies to create interactive experiences. It can deliver tailored AR and VR solutions for businesses looking to innovate in brand engagement, marketing, and enterprise training.

#5 Treeview

(Photo : Screenshot from Treeview website)


Treeview is a high-end boutique AR & VR development studio that specializes in delivering customized, world-class services. It has been developing spatial computing software for eight years, working with over 40 clients.

Treeview works with all significant AR/VR hardware platforms. It has a strong track record in the industry, proven by the titles it has earned from Clutch, MetaQuest, The Manifest, and Unity.


Client Ownership and Control

Treeview promises all the software products and visual assets it develops are fully owned and controlled by the client. It only works to serve and build long-term partnerships, focusing on communication, open collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence to deliver exceptional spatial computing experiences.

Experienced in Project Management

With over 8 years of experience in AR & VR development, Treeview can deliver tailored solutions from end to end. The agency provides comprehensive project management services, from planning and scheduling to progress tracking and adjustment-making.

It offers a team of senior-level developers and designers specialized in AR and VR, reducing overhead costs and eliminating the hassle of hiring an in-house team. Clients are assigned a project manager who oversees the day-to-day operations, facilitating dynamic collaboration.

With its boutique size, Treeview can swiftly pivot and adapt to the unique objectives and needs of its clients. It offers a detail-oriented, personalized service, an ideal partner for organizations seeking a tailored approach to spatial computing.


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