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Understanding Roblox Player Demographics

Understanding Roblox Player Demographics

Break down of the Roblox user base’s geography, gender, and age.

Roblox has become one of the most influential platforms in the gaming space, boasting a rapidly-growing (17%-20% YoY), global user base. For consumer brands interested in understanding the opportunities Roblox offers, having familiarity with the platform’s demographics is essential. Here’s a detailed analysis of Roblox’s user base, including age, gender, and geographic distribution, leveraging data primarily from Roblox’s 2024 Q1 supplemental materials for investors.

Total Daily Active Users (DAUs)

As of Q1 2024, Roblox reported an impressive 77.7 million daily active users (DAUs). This figure represents a substantial increase from previous periods and underscores the platform’s growing popularity and engagement.

Geography – Where Are Roblox Players Located?

Roblox’s user base is globally dispersed, with significant representation across various regions:

– US and Canada: 15.6 million DAUs (20.1%)

– Europe: 20 million DAUs (25.7%)

– Asia-Pacific (APAC): 17.2 million DAUs (22.1%)

– Rest of the World (RoW): 18.7 million DAUs (24.1%)

As you can see, there are Roblox players all around the world. Brands that find the most success building on the platform are ones that already reach customers worldwide. Examples of global brands winning over audiences on Roblox include luxury fashion (Gucci, Burberry), sports (FIFA, Manchester City, NBA), entertainment (Sponge Bob, Kung Fu Panda), toys (Barbie), music (Olivia Rodrigo, Nicki Minaj).

If your brand is only relevant in your country, Roblox may not be the right platform for you at this point.

Global Revenue – How Much Revenue Does Roblox Make Around the World?

In Q1 2024, Roblox generated $801.3 million in revenue. The breakdown by region is as follows:

– USA: $509.5 million (63.6%)

– Europe: $145.6 million (18.2%)

– APAC: $85.3 million (10.6%)

– RoW: $60.9 million (7.6%)

The USA remains the largest revenue generator, contributing nearly two-thirds of the total revenue. However, substantial contributions from Europe and APAC regions underscore the global monetization potential for brands on Roblox.

Notably, regions like Japan, Germany, Brazil, and India have shown significant growth in bookings, indicating rising interest and financial investment in these territories.

That being said, monetization on Roblox is incredibly difficult. Most brands activating on Roblox today are doing so for marketing purposes such as promoting a new product or extending a traditional marketing campaign.

Age – How Old Are Roblox Players?

Roblox’s user base spans a wide age range, with a notable concentration of younger users from Gen Z and Gen Alpha:

– Over 13 years old: 44.9 million DAUs (57.8%)

– Under 13 years old: 32.1 million DAUs (41.3%)

In late 2023, when Roblox had 70.2 million DAUs, 29 million were 17 years or older. Given the growth in DAUs, we can estimate that the number of users aged 17+ has increased proportionally, now likely exceeding 32 million (or approximately 41% of the total user base).

The fastest-growing demographic on Roblox is the 17-24 age group. This growth is primarily driven by existing users aging up rather than new older users joining the platform. This trend indicates that Roblox is not only retaining its user base as they grow older but is also effectively engaging older teens and young adults.

This coveted teen audience is a big reasons brands like Lamborghini, Walmart, adidas, NHL and Alo Yoga are active on the platform.

Gender – What Percentage of Roblox Players are Male and Female?

Roblox boasts a nearly balanced gender distribution:

– Male: 51%

– Female: 44%

– Unknown: 5%

This near-equal split makes Roblox an attractive platform for brands targeting a broad and diverse audience, allowing for inclusive marketing strategies.

Brands that are interested in reaching a primarily male audience might be better suited to activating on Fortnite rather than Roblox. Or brands who want to reach males but still do so on Roblox can turn to male-leaning experiences such as those tied to sports or action genres.

Context and Significance

Understanding these demographics is crucial for brands considering Roblox as a marketing or engagement platform. Here are a few key takeaways:

1. Global Reach: Roblox’s extensive reach across different regions makes it a potent platform for international marketing campaigns.

2. Gen Z + Gen Alpha Engagement: With a substantial portion of users under 13, Roblox is particularly effective for brands targeting younger Gen Alpha audiences. However, the growing 17-24 demographic indicates the platform’s potential for engaging teens and young adults from Gen Alpha as well.

3. Gender Inclusivity: The balanced gender distribution allows brands to craft campaigns that appeal to both male and female users, fostering a more inclusive brand presence on the platform.

Stephen Dypiangco is a Roblox marketing and strategy consultant helping entertainment and sports brands enter Roblox.

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