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Why Marketing In The Metaverse is Vital For Brands

Why Marketing In The Metaverse is Vital For Brands

Once upon a time, targeting an audience was a relatively simple proposition for a brand or an advertiser. Think radio, print, and television; specifically, the three broadcast networks and a handful of independent stations. Then there were more broadcast nets, the rise of cable, and the arrival of the internet, social media, and the streaming services. Flash to the present and the latest entry in the world of digital technology is the metaverse, which begs the question…what exactly is the metaverse? And how will this impact the world of content and the way brands plan their advertising strategies?

“On paper, the metaverse is described as an immersive three-dimensional virtual experience spanning various digital platforms and merging with the physical world,” noted Mike Tankel, partner/optimist at the marketing and development firm To Be Continued. “Users can interact with a computer-generated environment for entertainment, social interaction, and work, among other things, which will increasingly take place in the metaverse world.


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