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Why Ubisoft and Other Studios are Doubling Down On Web3 and AI Gaming

Why Ubisoft and Other Studios are Doubling Down On Web3 and AI Gaming

Sandy Carter


I’m COO at Unstoppable Domains, a Web3 digital identity platform

CoinGecko recently shared that 29 of the world’s 40 biggest game studios are investing in Web3 gaming, with 7 actively developing their own Web3 games in-house. This doesn’t surprise me one bit – it’s been clear for some time that research, development, talent, and investment have been pouring into the GameFi space. Game7’s State of Web Gaming report at the end of last year suggested that at least $15 billion of institutional investment has moved into blockchain gaming since 2018. Now we’re seeing the output.

There are so many reasons to be optimistic about this nascent space, especially when you see all of the incredible global gaming events paying attention to Web3, useful innovations that will accelerate player experience (such as portable Web3 identities), and huge announcements being made every week. We’re entering a golden era for Web3 gaming, and I’ll tell you why.

Major Games Expositions

The Games Developers Conference, or GDC 2024, was the biggest Web3 gaming event of the year so far, took place in March in San Francisco. With over 30,000 attendees, hundreds of speakers, sponsors, and investors present, it was the who’s who of GameFi, and that made it the perfect opportunity for new games to demo and existing games to grow support.

Next on the calendar is the inaugural DecentralandDecentraland -2% Game Expo (#DCLGX), from June 26-29. They’re building a huge, neon-lit arcade, fairground, and amusement park-style exposition for the Web3 gaming world inside their native metaverse

I’ve seen other projects try to do this kind of online event, to mixed reviews, but I feel confident that Decentraland can pull off this ambitious event, draw a big crowd, line up some impressive panels, and stream the whole thing without a hitch. From what I’ve seen, there will be some big prizes up for grabs for the best new Web3 games, which is a great incentive to get studios to show what they’re working on.


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