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Dentsu is Working with Naver Z on Zepeto Client Marketing

Dentsu is Working with Naver Z on Zepeto Client Marketing

Dentsu Inc., a titan in the advertising world, has signed a new agency agreement with the South Korean megacorp NAVER Z Corporation, the mastermind behind ZEPETO, Asia’s leading metaverse app. This strategic partnership is set to revolutionize the way brands engage with the digital generation. ZEPETO, boasting a staggering user base of over 400 million, primarily from the Gen Z and Gen Alpha cohorts, offers a 3D avatar-based social media platform that’s not just about connecting users globally but also about self-expression through a plethora of makeup and dress-up features.

The implications of this alliance are vast. Dentsu Inc. will leverage ZEPETO’s immersive environment to bolster client companies’ marketing and promotional endeavors. This includes orchestrating collaborations with influencers and hosting events that resonate with the younger demographics. A survey by XRX STUDIO highlights that nearly 40% of Gen Z has dabbled in a metaverse platform, underscoring the metaverse’s burgeoning role as a pivotal marketing channel. With this agreement, Dentsu Inc. is poised to deepen its ties with client and partner companies, thereby fostering growth and innovation within the metaverse media market.

Trend Themes

1. Metaverse Marketing Strategies – Exploring virtual worlds for innovative brand engagements becomes key for future marketing success.

2. Gen Z and Gen Alpha Engagement – Targeting the younger demographics through interactive, avatar-based platforms reshapes digital marketing approaches.

3. Influencer Collaborations in Metaverse – Harnessing influencer power in immersive digital spaces unlocks new avenues for brand promotion.

Industry Implications

1. Advertising and Marketing – Integrating metaverse platforms into advertising strategies transforms traditional marketing tactics.

2. Social Media and Entertainment – Creating immersive experiences through avatar-based platforms blurs the lines between social interaction and entertainment.

3. Event Management and Brand Partnerships – Fostering collaborations between brands and metaverse apps redefines event planning and marketing strategies


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