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Epic Games Store to be launched on iOS and Android

Epic Games Store to be launched on iOS and Android

Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite, has announced at the Game Developers Conference 2024 that its virtual store, the Epic Games Store, will be available on Android. The company already announced in January that the Epic Games Store will also be available on iOS.

The company tweeted on Wednesday that the Epic Games Store “will come to iOS and Android”. Additionally, Epic Games claims that the store will be a “true cross-platform store”. The PC Epic Games Store primarily distributes games on Windows, being one of the main rivals of Steam (Valve).

Epic Games says that the Android store will have “the same fair conditions as the PC store, available to all developers, in a true multi-platform store, with incredible games for everyone.” The company also explains that these “same fair conditions” mean that Epic will offer the same revenue share on Android as on PC.

In this way, developers will keep 88% of the revenue generated by their games, while Epic will take 12%. A much lower figure than the commission that Google takes in its Play Store, which is 30%.


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