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The Sandbox reaches 1,000 user-generated experiences

The Sandbox reaches 1,000 user-generated experiences

The Sandbox has reached a new milestone of 1,000 user-generated experiences on its metaverse platform.

There are now more than 1,000 such experiences on The Sandbox Map, which is a virtual land full of brands, gaming companies and users who see it as a new platform for Lego-like games.

To commemorate this achievement and incentivize further creativity, The Sandbox unveils a substantial addition of 500,000 SAND into the reward pool of its Builders’ Challenge creator program.

“We have now over 1,000 experiences live on the map. The takeaway for us it’s like the creator economy in the metaverse is taking off,” said Sebastien Borget, cofounder of The Sandbox, in a interview with GamesBeat. “We have 5.7 million accounts created.”

This infusion of SAND, distributed among the top ten creators based on final rankings, brings the total SAND token reward pool to an impressive 1.5 million SAND, which converts to about $950,000 in U.S. dollars.

This enhancement presents an opportunity for top creators to potentially earn over $100,000 within a ten-week timeframe, reaffirming The Sandbox’s dedication to nurturing its creator ecosystem, said Borget.

Since its inception, The Sandbox has experienced a lot of growth, even though it is still in an alpha state. The platform has attracted 330,000 and creators more than 200 professional studios to its platform. The launch of the Marketplace on Polygon further accelerated this momentum, with creators listing over 3,300 unique assets and minting over 500,000 copies.

With over 5.7 million all-time accounts created, 25,000 virtual landowners, 60,000 avatars sold, and 200,000 SAND wallets, The Sandbox has solidified its position as a leading user-generated content company in the Web3 space.

Now the Sandbox Map looks a lot more filled out and vibrant than it did in the past when it was populated more sparsely by metaverse-friendly brands. On the right rail of the map, The Sandbox promotes premier experiences that it wants to highlight.


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