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US Manufacturing Firms are Flocking to the Metaverse

US Manufacturing Firms are Flocking to the Metaverse

According to the World Economic Forum, the automotive, energy, software, aerospace and defense industries are leading the way for industrial metaverse investment.

A rising number of manufacturing firms in the United States are shifting their focus to the industrial metaverse to tackle complex challenges across the production cycle, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF).

In a report published on March 12, the WEF outlined that 92% of U.S. manufacturing executives are exploring various ways of implementing the metaverse into their own firms.

It cited survey results collected from 100 of the largest companies across 10 industries, indicating that, on average, each executive was investigating up to six different use cases.

The WEF further highlighted that one factor driving the interest is the need for the industrial sector to “elevate its ambitions” in response to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This has forced the need for manufacturing companies to find ways to speed up production cycles while also increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness through predictive forecasting.

The report emphasized how different companies are using digital twin technology, utilizing virtual models to represent physical objects. Amazon has been implementing the cloud services platform Nvidia Omniverse to run simulations to improve warehouse design and robot workstations.

Similarly, Mercedes Benz is also using the platform to design manufacturing assembly facilities.


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