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Web3 is Reshaping Online Ads by Rewarding Users for Their Attention

Web3 is Reshaping Online Ads by Rewarding Users for Their Attention

Everyworld Web3 Discovery and Rewarded Ads Platform Launch Disrupts Advertising

Everyrealm, a leading tech company specializing in social gaming, is proud to announce the launch of the blockchain-enabled discovery and rewarded ads protocol, Everyworld. The innovative platform is poised to transform the way users interact with digital advertising, turning their engagement into potential profits for both themselves and the planet.

Backed by VC heavyweights including Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), and having recently raised over $60 million from investors such as Coinbase Ventures, Hashed, Animoca, Dragonfly, Lightspeed, NGC, Griffin, Sfermion and Foresight Ventures, Everyworld leverages blockchain technology to enable users to earn rewards, starting with points, for watching video content in Discord.

Everyworld users can enter drawings to win payouts, which are split evenly between the winner and environmental conservation organizations. This model represents a new way to effect social change, combining the appeal of winning prizes with the power of pooling donations in service to the greater good. As a social gaming company, the team behind Everyworld recognizes the simple truth that “there is no virtual world without a physical one.”

In a world where the average person watches over 41 days of ads annually without receiving any direct financial benefit, Everyworld represents an overdue paradigm shift. The $647 billion global advertising industry has long capitalized on user engagement and data. Everyworld challenges the exploitative model favored by many big tech giants, offering a unique opportunity for users to earn from their engagement while helping to save the planet through top-tier environmental organizations.

Powered by the $EVERY token, the platform’s dual-incentive mechanism marries charitable giving with personal gain, creating a synergistic relationship between individual actions and collective objectives. Users can turn habitual actions into meaningful regular payouts for both themselves and the planet, simply by engaging with the protocol on a day-to-day basis.

With its novel rewards model, Everyworld aims to usher in a more equitable and sustainable future for digital engagement, one that rewards individuals for their attention in an increasingly competitive attention-driven economy. As the platform continues to evolve, Everyrealm says it will roll out new features to enhance user experience and enhance the advertising platform.

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