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Why advertisers should still enter the metaverse

Why advertisers should still enter the metaverse

Marketing has always embraced new platforms because it’s where people are. If a brand is in the real world, it’s time to be in the virtual world, too.

AI may have stolen the headlines, but don’t count the metaverse out, particularly when it comes to the future of advertising. Marketers and people need reliable, engaging, and safe ways to interact with each other, and the current adtech and media landscape has seen a tumultuous first half of 2023, to say the least.

Twitter’s rebrand to X tops the list, with the big question still looming: Will advertisers come back, since over half of the top 1,000 advertisers have left? Then there’s the launch of Meta’s Threads, which has swung the pendulum from one of the fastest-growing apps to already losing half of its daily users. Brands continue to hedge their bets as TikTok finds itself in a geopolitical struggle, and Google is still promising to fully deprecate third-party cookies in 2024.

On the flip side, the launch of Apple’s Vision Pro headset has breathed new life into the metaverse conversation and the potential future of augmented and virtual reality.

From sports to fashion to museums, the metaverse continues to expand.

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